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Taking care of a loved one when they need you the most can be very satisfying, but very hard also at the same time. It is hard to see your loved ones in any sort of pain. Often when you are busy taking care of your people, you don’t realize how much you have ignored your own health. This is what happens when you take care of a family member suffering from dementia.
When supporting a person with dementia, it can be helpful for careers to have an understanding of the impact the condition has on that person. This includes understanding how the person might think and feel, as these things will affect how they behave. The person may be experiencing a world that is very different to that of the people around them. It will help if the carer offers support while trying to see things from the perspective of the person with dementia, as far as possible.

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Dementia Counselling

We recognize the importance of counselling for people who are taking care
of their relatives suffering from dementia.

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With this purpose, Adapt Dementia Services , has set out to bring a change in the way you take care of those who are suffering.

Dementia Counselling

We recognize the importance of counselling for people who are taking care of their relatives  …

Treating Depression

Often we see the caregivers getting into a state of depression while they take care of those suffering from dementia

Talking Therapy

Talking helps greatly in solving a lot of problems, but often we forget this fact in our routine. We use  …

Behaviour that Challenges

This covers, those who wish to use the vulnerability of dementia for personal gain. It can cover …

Bad Relationships in Dementia

It should come as no surprise, that money is the cause of most of the bad relationships in dementia but is by no means the only cause.
Money concerns, can present in many different areas, family, friends, rouge traders, carers. Suffice to say it’s difficult when you’re faced with this problem.
Other bad relationships can present in care delivery, lone carer, challenging behaviour, poor support , the need for long term care in residential or nursing homes and driving.
Adapt dementia services are here to support.

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1 Person

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Through our counselling, we help people understand that dementia is not a disease, but a collection of symptoms.

Counselling can help to deal with a narcissist relationship